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Before You Throw Your Computer Out The Window, Your Technology Can Be Better Friends With Your Retail Business – We Can Easily Show You How! FREE offer below…

The constant change in technology can be overwhelming. You need help fast, but don’t know how to get it. Why spend thousands of dollars on a full technology staff when only an affordable $249 Smart Business Starter (SBS) Deal can provide you the critical advice you need? This small business friendly deal includes business advice and launching your website, among other features! PLUS: We will be starting up a FREE live video webinar series (YouTube and Facebook Live) to help you get your ideas off the ground and answer any questions in real time! Time to make your stubborn computer technology kiss and make up with your business!

Let the honeymoon begin 🙂

Need more than just helpful advice to make your technology friendly and profitable? Want a better response to your online social media presence to drive more traffic to your store and e-Commerce site? We can help you any way you choose!


By improving the way your technology works for your business, we help you achieve the following goals :

  • Continuously improve your employees’ performance with better use of today’s technology
  • Enhance customer service to deliver value faster to your customers
  • Decrease day to day operating expenses and increase store revenues


With a plan to successfully achieve goals like this, you can’t lose. The overall goal is to ultimately boost the value of your company as a whole. Start with an Initial Consultation if you need guidance on making the right choices either with us or someone else. We’ve been around since 1993, so we have the expertise to get you where you want to be. If you do decide to go with us for future services, we’ll kindly deduct the cost of the initial consultation from your account.

How does the initial consultation work? It’s pretty easy and painless. We work with you to determine how your current computer software, hardware and online branding is now, and where you want it to be. We then provide concrete steps to get you there. If that’s enough for you to do it yourself, great. If not, you can pick and choose of one our many services!


Satisfaction is guaranteed – if you are not happy with the way we help make your technology more friendly with your business, we promise to make it right. As one of our customers says about us: “Samsona Technology Consultants helped improve the overall value of our business at price points we can handle.”

Call me direct here to set up an initial consultation via video chat (Skype, Webex or other platform), or I can answer any questions you might have by regular phone or email (leave your contact info in the Contact form). Let us improve your technology to simplify your business processes!



John Conley III

Samsona Technology Consultants

Samsona Software Co., Inc. (since 1993)

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