The Methodology

Here’s a bonus for you! Download the ground breaking methodology PDF here: How to Write a Technology Game Plan for IT Projects

MethodologyCompanies large and small grapple with the complexities of how to effectively make their mental vision a technical reality with the latest in on prem and cloud computing technology. That vision can range from a smart, mobile friendly website for booking personal care or home improvement appointments, to a big project involving connecting a data visualization tool like PowerBI or Tableau to an industrial strength database platform like SQL Server or Oracle. We help less technical business owners and C-level executives translate what’s in their minds into precise, technical specs that technology stakeholders such as cloud engineers, software developers, database administrators, security experts and infrastructure pros can execute. Orchestrating all of this technical work requires a methodology approach that helps organize the overall work effort within your budget and time constraints.

An Agile based approach, along with borrowing certain aspects from Lean Six Sigma and process improvement techniques, is ideal for today’s demanding and ever changing technical landscape.

That’s what we’re all about! We help business owners and corporate teams with an approach centered on providing both a Statement of Architecture Work (flowing from an initial consultation assessment) which can be based on the vision statement, and the subsequent Solution Architecture Design document (SAD), which bridges the gap between the solution requirements and the work to be done by technical stakeholders down the road.

Read about our approach to creating a Solution Architecture Design here or download the PDF: How to Write a Technology Game Plan for IT Projects .