The Technology

TechnologyThere are so many technologies in the IT world that comes online every quarter that it is pretty much impossible for any one architect to be an expert at every one of them. Yet many companies expect us to be top notch pros in everything. Solution Architects and Enterprise Architects need to turn to Technology Partners who specialize in each of the technologies needed for a proposed solution. It’s similar to how the President of the United States has staff members who specialize in the Economy, Military, Foreign Affairs, Education, Healthcare, etc. Most citizens have the opinion that the President is an expert in all these areas, but that is impossible in reality. Solution Architects are versant in many technologies, and will usually have a deep understanding of a specific area (such as microservice based .Net/c# and Java development), and will delegate other technology deep dives to their corresponding specialists.

Architecture tools and principles used in past engagements include:

o   Service Technology: On Prem and Cloud native Micro Services (Azure, AWS), SOA/ESB/EIB

o   Requirements: Initial Technology Assessment, Solution Architecture Documents (SADs), User stories and use cases in agile or hybrid methodology settings

o   Design Diagrams: Context diagrams, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, activity/swimlane diagrams, ERDs. Design information systems to support enterprise infrastructure and cloud services in Azure, including design input for high availability, disaster recovery, and efficient use of hardware resources for Infrastructure and DevOps tech leads to implement.

o   Infrastructure Diagrams: Deployment for (Dev Ops and Infrastructure Teams), Network

o   Frameworks and Tools: Model-View-Controller, TOGAF/BPMN, ITIL, ARIS, MEGA

o   Components and Subsystems: E-Commerce (Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Commerce Server 2007/2002 (basket and order pipeline)), Workflow, Messaging (MSMQ, MQSeries, SAP), Collaboration (SharePoint, TFS, GitHub)

o   Security and Compliance: Active Directory. Ensuring enterprise standards, governance goals and practices are adhered to, enforcing any regulatory and security compliance traceable from requirements

o   Developer Coaching: Creating skeletal IDE projects with MVC wiring and config files covering Microsoft stack (Visual Studio.Net/SDK 4.5x/Asp.Net/C#) and Java stack (Java EE and predecessors)

o   Communications: Organizing meetings, communicating with C-level and higher executives and stakeholders

o   Prior Development Technology: C#/Visual Studio.NET /2017 and all predecessors (industry work since Jan. 2002, prior in-depth review of beta since 2000), Visual Basic (up to the latest VB.NET), Visual C++, Unit Testing (nUnit 2.x), Java2. Application Life Cycle/Configuration and Build Management Tools (MS Team Foundation Server aka TFS, GitHub, Serena, CVS). Project mentoring/Design patterns, 12 years

o   Web/User Interface (UI) Technology: ASP.NET/MVC/Razor View and WinForms (including 4.5 SP1), Angular/JSON, AJAX x.0/XAML/SilverLight, Microsoft CompositeUI/Smart Client framework, DotNetNuke, Syncfusion, Infragistics, Sharepoint Portal/MOSS, Commerce Server, WPF/Composite UI Framework, XML, HTML, JavaSscript

o   Multi Tier Frameworks Technology: Microsoft Enterprise Libraries/Patterns and Practices, SOA (use case realizations in executable services/web services), Spring.Net (Dependency Injection), Win Forms, CF, COM/DCOM, ecommerce apps (Commerce Server, Tibco InConcert, custom)

o   Persistence/Database Technology: Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools, LINQ to Entities/EF Core (.Net 4.+), including NHibernate and IdeaBlade as well as a custom ORM I created. ADO.Net. SQL Server and SQL Azure/Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Access, including linked tables, imported tables and upsizing to SQL Server. Oracle (7.x, 8i, 9i). XML persistence/documents

o   Back End Server/Integration Technology: Web Services, MSIB (MS Commerce Server, BizTalk, CMS) ), Active Directory. Microsoft Office XP (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint), PeopleSoft Billing/XML web service for eCommerce. Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 Server, NT4. Targeting of system performance and scalability issues.

o   Methodologies: Scaled Agile, Scrum, Zachman/DMAIC. Object-Oriented Analysis/Design/Programming, 13 years Including UML, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and RUP children such as XP, SCRUM and Agile methods in general, TOGAF, ITIL IT Security, 5 years. Business Process and Workflow Analysis/Design, 5 years; e-business and e-commerce, 5 years.

o   Member: Microsoft IT Advisory Council (ITAC). IEEE Computer Society. HIPAA trained.